JEMSHI is a developing project
with the main objective of creating a

Joint European Master in
Speech-Language and Hearing Sciences’ Innovation


The ability to communicate is a fundamental human skill, critical for personal and social competencies, allowing successful personal and professional relationships, and imperative for social inclusion.

JEMSHI master programme

The JEMSHI Master Programme aims to prepare professionals in speech, language, and hearing sciences to be innovative, communicative, and adaptable.

Key competences

After completing the programme, the students will be able to:

Icon: innovate

Analyse, design, and implement innovative solutions to challenges in speech, language, and hearing sciences.

Icon: councelling skills

Provide counselling and advocacy services to individuals of all ages and families affected by communication disorders

Icon: collaboration skills

Communicate effectively and collaborate with interdisciplinary teams to develop and manage customer-oriented services

Icon: leadership skills

Demonstrate leadership, adaptability, and flexibility in leading and managing projects and teams with an innovative mindset

Icon: cultural awareness

Demonstrate cultural awareness and global citizenship by working effectively with people from different cultures

Icon: tech competence

Demonstrate technological competence, including proficiency in using various software applications and tools.

Icon: research skills

Design and conduct applied research to support innovation and the validity and reliability of products and services